Building Performance Evaluation

WHAT is Building Performance Evaluation?

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is a form of Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) which can be used at any point in a building’s life to assess energy performance, occupant comfort and make comparisons with design targets.

Evaluation of a building in use consist of 3 Areas:
1. Forensic Walkthrough 
inspection of building’s operation, and whether there are any emerging problems or wasteful operational practices

2. Energy Survey
breakdown of energy use in building by typeof consumption e.g. heating, air conditioning, lighting etc.

3. Assessment of occupant satisfaction
survey and interviews of building users

  • Increased productivity of building occupants.
  • Increased health of building occupants.
  • Higher building valuation (Rule of Thumb: Buildings increase in value eight to ten times the operational savings).
  • Positive impacts on the local and global environment from reductions in resource use, emissions, water use, and waste disposal (Leonardo Academy, nd).

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