Condition Survey

WHAT is Condition Survey ?
• External examination of plant items and installations.
• Evaluation of the performance of plant and installations.
• Evaluation of the operation and maintenance conditions of plant and installations.
• Carrying out specialist inspections and internal examinations.
• Co-ordinating information from inspections and tests carried out previously.
• Co-ordinating information from other sources.
• Evaluation of compliance with health and safety and legal requirements.
• Analysis of condition data and information.
• Identifying future maintenance requirements, their priorities and time scales.
• Identifying funds required to carry out this work.
• Developing a knowledge base of the condition of plant and installations.

Functional Suitability
• Operational integrity.
• Physical condition.
• Compliance with legal and health and safety requirements.
• Conditions affecting operation and maintenance.
• Economic life and obsolescence.

A Condition Survey provides an assessment of physical property conditions. The survey should identify deficiencies, and maintenance issues including, but not limited to structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, site layout, site utilities, storm water management, soil erosion and life safety systems.

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