TestComm, RetroComm And ReComm

WHAT is TestComm, RetroComm and ReComm ?
Building commissioning is simply a means of ensuring that a building owner gets the quality of facility that is expected and deserved.

Commissioning is the advancement of an instalation from static completion to working order according to specific requirement.

Testing is the measurement and recording of system parameters to access specification Compliance

Retro‐commissioning is an energy performance assessment for existing buildings that ensures systems are functioning as originally designed. The process is essential for optimizing energy performance.

Retro‐commissioning typically focuses on energy‐using equipment such as mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls and usually optimizes existing system performance, rather than relying on major equipment replacement, typically resulting in improved indoor air quality, comfort, controls, energy and resource efficiency

• Help clearly define an owner’s project needs and expectations.
• Validate design solutions against defined owner requirements.
• Reduce change orders brought about by poor communication.
• Verify (before occupancy) that key building components work as intended.
• Provide appropriate training for building operating personnel.
• Provide useful project documentation at owner takeover.
• Provide benchmarking of building performance for ongoing effective and efficient operation and maintenance.

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